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  Sunday, April 03, 2005

A wonderful Philip Pullman essay on fiction as the school of morals. I started to summarize or clip a couple paragraphs, but it's so clear and concise, just read the whole thing.

4:45:51 PM    comment []

I have to see this movie:

Pervasive pagan moral worldview with murder, revenge, corruption, and prostitution, and strong Romantic philosophy that pits the individual against an evil society, as well as anti-Christian content includes two corrupt or evil priests, both of whom are murdered (one inside a confessional), and light moral element man risks life to stop a pedophile and end governmental corruption; 33 obscenities, but no ‘f’ words, and eight strong profanities; gory, bloody violence includes many people being fatally shot with some body parts flying off, man dragged from car, crooked priest shot in confessional, people hit in head with sledgehammers and hatchets, men impaled, decapitations with a head that is bandied like a ball, cannibal keeps decapitated heads on his wall, dog eats at dead person, corpses are cut into pieces so they can be dumped, murderer is electrocuted by the state, gun backfires and becomes lodged in man’s head, pedophile’s genitalia is pulled off, suicide, man almost hanged, woman lashed, grenade explodes, people punched, man jumps through windshield, people smashed into wall, and men’s heads are held in toilet bowls; fornication depicted, pedophile kidnaps a girl but is prevented from harming her, many characters are prostitutes, and reference to priests using hookers; upper and rear female nudity; heavy alcohol use; prescription drug abuse and smoking; and, heavy governmental corruption, heavy corruption in the Catholic Church, cannibalism, pedophilia, revenge, and kidnapping.

(Via Oliver Willis - Like Kryptonite To Stupid.)

4:01:41 PM    comment []

Papal Power - What no one else will say about John Paul II. By Christopher Hitchens

Kudos to Hitchens and Slate for publishing this.

3:57:55 PM    comment []

Well, at Least He Liked Our Cars: "A sampling of what Hitler had to say about America hints at what the O.S.S. thought the world should hear."

(Via The New York Times > Week in Review.)

3:51:14 PM    comment []

The Online Beat: The Pope's 'Seismic Shift': "John Paul II made the Catholic Church an explicit foe of the death penalty."

(Via The Nation Weblogs.)

3:20:30 PM    comment []

The death of the Pope just couldn't stop the wingnutters in the media from showing their true colors. Instead of making any kind of statemnt herself about the pope, all this moron can do is use it as a way to attack those nasty libs.

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