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  Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oklahoma City Bombing Survivor Looks Back

Melissa Block talks with Patti Hall, who was working on the third floor of the Murrah Federal Building when it was bombed. She suffered 40 broken bones, a collapsed lung and has undergone 18 surgeries in the last 10 years.

(Via NPR's All Things Considered.)

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Sometimes Radio Userland just stops upstreaming to the Radio Server. I don't necessarily notice because I use MarsEdit to post, and then someone will query me as to what happened. This time, thanks are to John...
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Frist Supported Anti-Judge Filibuster

Of course back then (2000) it was a Clinton appointment the Senate was filibustering.

Harry Reid's office provides the details of Frist's short memory, below the fold.

(Via BOPnews.)

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Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth - Sunday Times - Times Online

Hopeful no more. It should read "vicar of Christ on Earth is formal Hitler Youuth." To be fair, he was 14 when he joined, and it was mandatory.

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U.S. Endangered Species Act Works, Study Finds

Only 15 species on the U.S. endangered species list have fully recovered. But a new study says what really counts is how many species are on the right track.

(Via National Geographic News.)

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Oklahoma City: A Decade of Adjustment, Rebuilding

Ten years ago Tuesday, Timothy McVeigh set off a fertilizer bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City -- killing 168 and injuring hundreds. This year's anniversary marks a decade of adjustment and rebuilding for the city's residents.

(Via NPR's Morning Edition.)

Note that McVeigh is never called a "terrorist" in this report.

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Catholic Church Struggles with Social Justice

The Roman Catholic Church is still grappling with its mission to help the poor. Pope John Paul II reined in the liberation theology movement, which was often identified with helping the poverty-stricken in Latin America but feared by some church leaders as too radical. However, liberation theology still thrives in rural El Salvador.

(Via NPR's Morning Edition.)

And it looks like, with Ratzinger's election, the poor and oppressed will just have to wait longer for help from Rome. This is a good report -- terrorists, trained by the United States, slaughtered priests during the 80s.

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The Future of Dissent in the Catholic Church

Dissident theologians faced a clampdown during the papacy of John Paul II. One possible successor -- Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger -- seems to have signaled he would take an even stronger stance against dissenting voices.

(Via NPR's Morning Edition.)

Of course, this was created before Ratzinger's election as Pope. Looks like we won't see many changes in the church for the next bit. Ratzinger's 78, though, so we'll probably see a new Pope before the end of the decade.

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Now, this is very exciting. MySQL 5 is going to support XML and XPATH queries (PDF) in text fields or blobs. It's a separate patch now; I hope they integrate it into the beta releases soon.

(Via Planet PHP.)

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