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  Wednesday, April 13, 2005

NASA May Silence Voyagers on April 15: "Today NASA has 55 active mission control teams monitoring ongoing spacecraft and station missions - 13 associated with missions extended beyond original planning. Soon there may be seven less. By October of this year, we could be turning a deaf ear to data collected by one of the most successful NASA programs of all times. For even as Voyager 1 and 2 are poised to enter the interstellar realm, budget-minders in our nation's capital may have already sealed the fate on a pair of craft that could provide important information about our solar system - and beyond - for the next 15 years."

(Via Universe Today.)

Last year, because he wanted to say he had "vision" Dubya made a single speech advocating going to the moon and Mars. He has mentioned it rarely since then. But NASA is jumping, and cutting good science, cheap science, because of it. These poor little satellites, doing what they were designed to do, and all for naught. We know nothing about the space they are in, and they are our only presence out there now. So we turn a deaf ear to them.

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