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  Tuesday, April 12, 2005

.This is a riot. Some screwball called the Ultimate Warrior doesn't like what Something Awful has to say about his website. So his minion threatens legal action. When that doesn't get anywehre, said minion makes veiled physical threats. When that doesn't work, he then tells Something Awful's daddy on him. When that doesn't work, he basically says "I'm too busy."

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Too bad David Brin doesn't post more; his pieces are insightful and original. This take on craigslist beaming messages into outer space is contrary and fun to read. Should we letting "them" know where we are?

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Here is a trailer for A Scanner Darkly. Looks promising.

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Matt Drudge was upset yesterday about a T-shirt be...: "Matt Drudge was upset yesterday about a T-shirt being sold online that reads, 'Dear Tom DeLay, Please commit suicide. Sincerely, Everyone.' Michelle Malkin is upset about that and Kill Bush merchandise, as well as a button that shows George W. Bush holding a gun to his own head. She harrumphs,

And before the 'everybody does it' apologists pooh-pooh this lunatic anti-Bush merchandise: There's tasteless political paraphernalia on both sides of the aisle, but I've already searched and there are currently no 'Kill Kerry' products, blood-spattered or otherwise, being sold at Cafe Press.

Er, no ... but over at CafePress's Right Wing Stuff shop, you can pick up a Split Liberals, Not Wood bumper sticker, a Save the Rainforest -- Burn a Liberal bumper sticker, Save the Seals -- Club a Liberal merchandise, Club Liberals, Not Sandwiches merchandise, I (club) Liberals merchandise (a pattern seems to be emerging here), Liberal Hunting License merchandise, and Bushy the Liberal Slayer merchandise (with a sharp-looking dagger). Oh, and at the Metrospy shop you can get a My Jesus Can Beat Up Your Allah T-shirt (larger image here).

'Welcome to the sick world of the pro-assassination Left,' Malkin writes. Well, welcome to its mirror image, Michelle."

(Via No More Mister Nice Blog.)

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See how, like Tom Delay, you can get free money from American Airlineshere!

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Is There A David Irving Section at the Holocaust Museum Giftshop?

Why on earth is the National Park Service stocking Michelle Malkin's book 'In Defense of Internment' in the bookshop at Manzanar?

One wonders: do they carry this item in the gift shop at this museum?

This is a disgrace. Drop the Park Service a line and let them know you think so.

(Via IsThatLegal?.)

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