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  Friday, April 08, 2005

My President: "'>A Lovely Day for a Stroll: Bill Clinton in His Element

Clearly unwilling to spend a beautiful day in Rome cooped up in his hotel, he went for a midday stroll, stopping in at a few of the luxury shops on the narrow, cobblestone streets off the square, known for its fountain and familiar to film buffs as the backdrop for a scene in 'Roman Holiday.'

While Romans were unlikely to catch a glimpse of President Bush - he moved only in motorcades and appeared only at a few official events - Mr. Clinton was clearly reveling in the fact that shoppers, tourists having lunch at outdoor cafes and Italian business people walking to meetings all stopped to greet him.

'Isn't this a great city?' he said. Along the streets, people starting yelling 'Bill, Bill, Bill,' and a few shouted 'U.S.A.!' One shopkeeper raced out with a photograph of Mr. Clinton on a past visit.

5 years later, what a sad difference Current Occupant is.


(Via Oliver Willis - Like Kryptonite To Stupid.)

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Daylight Ravings Time: "In case you needed further evidence that Red State residents are, um, intellectually challenged, consider this article from today’s edition of the Montgomery (Alabama) Advertiser: A proposed measure making its way through Congress that could mean longer days for a longer period of time is playing to mixed reviews in ..."

(Via Outside The Tent.)

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Critic's Notebook: A Master of Mockery With an Original Touch: "Christopher Guest may be the best parodist working today, and the evidence is in a tightly focused retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art."

(Via The New York Times > Most E-mailed Articles.)

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Don't Say I Didn't Warn You: "

Time Magazine's 1995 'Man Of The Year' Newt Gingrich, talking to Pat Robertson about his new book and how he wants to trash the judiciary and, incidentally, the Constitution:

[link] I want to take away the ability of politicians to go back home and say, I agree with you but we are helpless. We are not helpless. If the President and Congress want to redefine what the courts can do, clearly under our Constitution, they can limit the court's ability to rewrite America. And I believe, recentering the society - whether it is school prayer or allowing the Ten Commandments to be displayed, or being allowed to say ‘one nation under God’ as part of the Pledge, or putting your hand on the Bible to get sworn into office - I think we need the popular will of the American people, to insist that the judges respect the country over which they are judges.

Did you notice that every one of the things he uses as an example of how we need to 'center' the country by firing or limiting what our judiciary can do is something that gives Christians rights that others do not have and preferences it above all other religions and atheism?

Are you prepared to live in the United States of Christian America under His Most Christian Majesty King George II?


(Via Unscrewing The Inscrutable.)

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