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  Thursday, April 07, 2005

Jeb, NRA Bringing Wild West To Florida: "

Yeah, this makes a lot of sense.

Florida NRA Bill Would Allow People To Kill Others In Public

The bill would make a significant change in Florida law. Previously 'people attacked anywhere else [were] supposed to do what they can to avoid escalating the situation and can use deadly force only after they've tried to retreat.' Now with this new law, apparently, people would be under no obligation to look for ways to avoid the conflict. 'The bill said a person has 'the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so, to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another.' ' In other words ...Florida will become like the wild West, as it will be perfectly legal to shoot first and ask questions later.


(Via Oliver Willis - Like Kryptonite To Stupid.)

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The Scientist Is Gone, but Not His Book Tour: "A publisher has organized an 'authorless book tour' to promote a letter collection by Richard P. Feynman, the late physicist and best-selling author."

(Via The New York Times > Arts.)

This is actually pretty cool, and I'll see it when it comes around. Being in the non-present presence of Feynman would actually be better than being in the real presence of most writers.

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Easy to see without looking too far not much is really sacred.

While visiting Rome last year, my neighbor Gary picked up this souvenir for me. Yes, you have it right: it's a bottle opener sporting the oddly grinning profile of the (now) late Pope. On the obverse is a cross, surrounded by images of four Vatican buildings. What a strange thing it is: I always think of the Pope when I open a beer! "Church key" is a euphemism for an opener (though usually can and not bottle), but putting the Pope's nose on one is pretty strange. (I couldn't find one at the Vatican's online souvenir store, though they do have this one.) You can't make this stuff up; the Catholic Church is an odd institution. I wonder if using this gets me any time off in purgatory?

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In Defense of the Natural Family: "The last two centuries have witnessed a massive transformation in the way human beings live, think, work, and arrange their lives. At the same time, the institution of the family has been under sustained attack, in turns dismembered and disabled by cultural trends, direct attacks, and subtle cultural shifts. Now, family advocates Allan C. Carlson and Paul T. Mero have released 'The Natural Family: A Manifesto,' a document that offers a comprehensive defense of the family, buttressed by an honest and insightful analysis of the threats now directed at the family as an institution."

Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after. These guys portray some little fantasy world of the family, mom and dad and 2.5 kids, into which they "invite" their elders, and which leads to "bliss." As far as I can tell, from my reading, this happy little family never really existed. But I guess that makes me a revisionist who is out to attack the family and tear down society. Funny reading.

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Ravi Shankar, Master of the Sitar: "In the latest report for the NPR/National Geographic co-production Radio Expeditions, NPR's Susan Stamberg travels to India to talk with Ravi Shankar, the world-famous sitar guru. Shankar turns 85 this week."

(Via NPR's Morning Edition.)

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