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  Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Dartmouth Review: God and Mr. Bush

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Fake GOP letters

Republican astroturf in California.
Batswala Dala, France Amoore and Tom Shane all have published letters to the editor in Bay Area newspapers. Trouble is, none of the men exist.

Under dozens of pseudonyms, Kyle Vallone has orchestrated the publication of scores of letters to the Times, San Francisco Chronicle and the Tri-Valley Herald during the last decade. A Times investigation found that the San Ramon man submitted more than 100 letters under fictitious identities to the three newspapers. Vallone estimated that he has had a hand in 200 bogus letters published in Northern California newspapers.

Vallone said the idea occurred to him while he was working on a Republican campaign in 1994. He and other workers would write letters on behalf of a candidate and send them to a "tree" of supporters who would sign their names and send them to newspapers. It occurred to him that he could skip a step, make up fictitious identities and send the letters via e-mail. He used free e-mail accounts and various voice-mail systems, his cell phone and home phone numbers to pull off his hoax.

"That probably wasn't the correct thing to do, but we were just having fun. It wasn't like something that we really took seriously," Vallone said.

The funniest part of the story, however, are the newspaper editors acting shocked, shocked! that anything like this was happening.

(Via Daily Kos.)

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Bruce Almighty

Having lost his bet on John Kerry, the Boss turns to a higher authority.

(Via The New York Times > Arts.)

I've listened to the album 3 or 4 times now. It really grows on you; at first I seemed not to find the catchy melodies and phrases Bruce can be so good at, but the songs really do pull you in.

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Why intelligent design fails

A nice, brief explanation about why intelligent design is not science and why it shouldn't be taught as such can be found here. In about 5,000 characters, PZ succinctly sums up the shortcomings of intelligent design.

(Via Respectful Insolence (a.k.a. "Orac Knows").)

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Will 'The Simpsons' Ever Age?

Matt Groening says 350 episodes are merely the halfway point.

(Via The New York Times > Arts.)

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