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  Tuesday, February 19, 2002

News Update
Olympic Wrestling Gold Medallist, Rulon Gardner is hospitalized in serious condition in a Wyoming hospital.  Rulon had been snowmobiling with friends on Thursday, and got separated from them after his snowmobile had mechanical problem and slid down a hill and into a river. After spending a night out in sub-zero (-10) temperatures, Gardner suffered some frostbite to his feet and hypothermia but is expected to make a full recovery. Gardner was scheduled to make an appearance regarding the World Olympic Athletes Association (WOA) in Salt Lake City today but was unable to attend.
A picture named medalsonrock_SM.jpg
I mentioned this weekend that I thought it was possible that Sale and Pelletier may have different gold medal design, well I was wrong. It appears OC Tanner the designer and manufacturer of the SLC 2002 Olympic medals made a double sided medal for the Gold-Silver-Bronze medals.  According to the folks at Tanner:

On the front of the medals, an athlete bursts forth from flames carrying a torch, representing the Olympic Spirit, the resilience of the human spirit and the power to inspire. The Olympic Rings anchor the image of the athlete, and the words "Light the Fire Within"are etched into the medal.

A picture named SLC-MedalNike.jpgThe back of the medals pays tribute to the history of the Games. Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, holds a small victory leaf, symbolizing the olive wreaths that were presented to winners of the ancient Olympic Games

Also Tanner is doing a special selection of real gold and silver Olympic jewelry which is simply beautiful.  I'm seriously considering getting out the credit card. hmmmm.

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