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  Sunday, February 24, 2002

About Judging--

I'm in the process of writing an article with an insider's perspective on Figure Skating and the judging of the sport.  Keep your bookmark set here, and it will take you to the article once it's finished.

11:50:05 PM    

The Evening of Champions, Exhibition Skating and the Closing Ceremony...

Sorry I've got a life, and laundry to do... More Coming shortly.

Question du Jour:  Did you watch the Dateline Special on Dorothy and Peggy?  Your thoughts?  Hit the little yellow envelope on the left and tell me what you think.

A picture named American Journey.jpg

Someone asked me about the SLC Music being played during the medal presentation. It's from American Journey - Winter Olympics 2002  John Williams (Composer) I was given this CD a month ago and think it is very good.  If you hit the link above, it refers you to Amazon. The price there is as good as it is in Tower Records. They have a free download version of "Call of the Champions, for chorus & orchestra (The Official Theme of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games)" at the near bottom of the page.

11:45:37 PM    


It appears Marie's changing her story AGAIN.  New York Times reporters Selena Roberts and Michael Janofsky have written an article in today's NYT, French Judge Says Pressure Was From Canada (registration required) inwhich Marie Reine Le Gougne tells a completely new story. This time with attorney in tow Le Gougne tells how her life changed once she was named to the Olympic Panel. Le Gougne stated that she was approached for her vote by none other than the CANADIAN's. She also tells of being attacked by the three ISU members of the technical committee, who have written reports to the contrary.  

My opinion, it's her side of the story: it's as polished and rehearsed as a good program. It is laced with half-truths.  Also it should tell you something when the reporters state that none of Le Gougne's facts could be verified.

11:31:34 PM    

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