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  Wednesday, February 27, 2002

In Honor of The Grammy's-- 

NEWS FLASH: According to LA Television Station, KTLAnews5 Sarah Hughes is going to be at Grammy tonght sitting next to Janet Jackson and Celine Dion.

Figure Skaters have long been known for their wicked sense of humor, which comes from years of emotional repression during intense competitions. (You have to blow off steam somewhere-- right?)  At times this humor would even put Rageboy to shame. 

Every year the Usenet group (or RSSIC) holds various online ahem.. "competitions" based on a theme or event to see who can write the best song or poetry parodies.  Needless to say, this year was no different. However the Judging Scandal and the behavior of the ISU at the SLC Olympics fueled the competition.

This year's entrants were exceptional and worth a couple minutes of your time--

(AHEM..drum roll, please!)   And so in honor of tonight's Grammy's allow me to give you the nominations for

Best Olympic Parody Song of the Year:

A picture named sloc.gif

Now VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favorite! Voting ended on March 2, 2002 at Midnight Pacific Time.

[See the announcement of the winners on the March 5th page]

3:25:56 PM    

Olympic Gold Medallists Withdraw From World Championships

(February 27, 2002 - Gloucester, ON) - Skate Canada announced today that current Olympic Pair Figure Skating gold medallists Jamie Salé, 24, from Red Deer, Alberta and Sayabec, Quebec's David Pelletier, 27, have withdrawn from the ISU World Figure Skating Championships being held in Nagano, Japan, March 18 - 24, 2002. Salé and Pelletier are disappointed they will not compete but feel they have not had the opportunity to train properly given the events of the last two weeks. They have not decided at this point in time whether they will remain eligible for next year's events.

The alternates attending the event will be Valérie Marcoux, 21, from Gatineau, Quebec and Beloil, Quebec's Bruno Marcotte, 27. The duo, who train with Paul Wirtz in Toronto, are currently ranked fourth in Canada. They competed at the 2002 ISU Four Continents Championships.

3:21:15 PM    

Memo from the Domestic Goddess Department:

  • For those of you waiting for my Wrap-up on Figure Skating at the SLC Olympics-- Sorry for the delay. But after a couple weeks the of reporting the Skating at the SLC Olympics, the domestic chores begin to literally pile up. I also had to go back and reintroduce myself to my "Other Half" and a couple friends.I am also happy to report the pets and the "Other Half" still care and recognized me. I'm one happy camper.
  • I've also been asked to prepare an article on The State of Figure Skating Post SLC. I'm looking for suggestions and comments.
  • The nominations for Best Olympic Parody Song of the Year are above   Refer your friends here to
  • In the next week I will be rearranging the blogsite in order to make sense and fixing the linkrot.
  • I'm still looking for help to design the site in a manner that works for me.  Any Radio Userland designers out there looking for a couple bucks?  (Email thru' yellow envelope.)
    A picture named POC.gif

Earlier tonight I reported a plane crash over the hill from the house. Thank goodness there was no fire as the plane appeared to hit one of the horse barns over at the LA County Fairgrounds, called Fairplex. Earlier in the day we had seen the plane doing touchdowns and takeoffs, but it appears the pilot had engine trouble and couldn't get it back on the Brackett Field tarmac. The FAA is working on a cause. The LA County Coroner's Office is investigating the cause of death.

4:28:37 AM    

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