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  Thursday, February 28, 2002

REMINDER to Now VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favorite Best Olympic Parody Song of the Year:
Swipe the URL and tell your friends!
Voting ends March 2, 2002 at Midnight Pacific Time.

Olympic Pictures You Won't See Everywhere - Sarah's Coming-out Party - A Night of Champions Dinner -  The Night of Champions Dinner is best described as "the Alumni Dinner for Former Champions." This year's dinner was to honor all of the previous American Women who had won the Gold Medal for the Women's Singles event... (read more about it)  

It appears Sarah has signed with Tom Collins for the "John Hancock's Champions on Ice" Tour.  As of today, Sarah is listed in the 2002 Olympic Tour. Other SLC Olympic Figure Skaters joining the tour include: Michelle Kwan, Sarah Cohen, Michael Weiss, Tim Goebel, Irina Slutskaya, Alexi Yagudin, Bourne and Kraatz, Anissina and Peizerat, Lang and Tchernyshev, Elvis Stojko and others.  Tickets are available for public purchase now for the 80+ city tour.

And in the Things We Wish We Wouldn't See Department - Fox Television has announced a Celebrity Boxing special on March 13, featuring none other than Tonya Harding and Amy Fischer in a Battle of the Bad Girls. Jeeze.  'Nuff said.

It appears I wasn't the only one in town.  Doc Searls pointed out that Marc Brown was actually WORKING and Blogging in SLC over at the Speed Skating Venue.  (Wish we could have met, Marc! I'd have bought the beverage.) His blog from the inside puts the Olympic experience in total perspective . Marc-- a personal thanks for taking good care of our local Derek Parra.  It's fun to read the antics of the people actually protecting the athletes. It's a different perspective than being "one of the protected."  I love his recap of the Closing Ceremonies... and the story of the Olympic Outhouse! I have to agree with you the people of Salt Lake City need to be congradulated for being such wonderful and gracious hosts.

Doc isn't the only one with access speed online today.  Adelphia's email servers are suffering from being unable to authenticate passwords nationwide.  Translation: My email's down and it can't get up. Is "Customer Service" an oxymoron? Must be! Every time I call Adelphia I get put on hold for at least 45 minutes and they can never-ever tell me what is really wrong! Between this situation and a loss of all Net access, or very s-l-o-w access in the past few weeks, I'm telling Adelphia I want CREDIT for loss of use... AND looking for someone to put a damn DSL in here-- pronto. Suggestions? Email me! Oops, I can't get email! 

Just put up some of the SLC pictures here. More to come.
I'm off to drink coffee, go snag some money from the bank run errands. 

Oh Mah Gawd! Just when you think it's safe to log off, I find David got interviewed by Keith Hammonds of Fast Company. I shall read it when I get home.

Everyone play nice!


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