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  Friday, March 01, 2002

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Michelle Kwan announced on Jay Leno's Show tonight that she is definitely going to the World Championships, March 18-24, 2002 in Nagano, Japan next month. She also announced she is touring in Champions on Ice until she goes back to UCLA this fall.

A picture named Tank02-24-02.gif

You knew it wouldn't take them long...

Tank McNamara by Jeff Millar and Bill Hinds is doing a rip roaring series on the Judging of Olympic Ice Dance Event. It started on Sunday Feb 24, and is going to run all week. The cartoon of the skater's face on the 28th and the judges reactions are priceless.

It looks like someone didn't teach Austria's cross country ski team to clean up before they left their rented condo for home. The homeowner pricked herself on a hypodermic needle sticking out of a plastic bag that contained a blood transfusion setups on Wednesday. It appears there was enough bags and setups for at least 3 people, as well as a medalists certificate for one Olympic Medalist. The whole situation stinks of blood doping. IOC President Dr. Jack Rogge is HOT, to put it politely. He's vowing to use any and all scientific evidence to find out who was involved. Translation: DNA evidence.  

Looks like SLC is getting back to normal. The mayor is trying to get people back downtown. SLC is readying to host Paraolympics which will start March 7.

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