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  Monday, March 25, 2002

Monday Monday--

I did not blog this weekend. Sorry folks. It's been a long weekend in the Real Life Department.  We've had a little more excitement around here than one person should have been allowed to have within a 48 hour period. Things are under control for now.

We ended up going to Cantors for real food this Saturday night, deciding to run the gauntlet of Pre-Oscar traffic. It was worth it. The food and the service was great and provided a little sanity.

Doc has finally made it to PCForum, and is blogging from the conference. It's a MUST READ.  It appears Doc's weekend trip to Scottsdale was more of an adventure than one airline traveler should hope to have. 

Doc's not the only airline traveler who's pitching a bitch at all the airline travel problems post 9-11. The reports of airport security going overboard are everywhere. From where I sit, Norman Mineta, Secretary of the Department of Transportation either needs to get his act together or be fired. And like many business travelers I am not traveling by air until the FAA gets its act together. 

More later-- I have a meeting and need to get some other work done.

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