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  Sunday, March 10, 2002

Saturday: For those of you wondering why I didn't blog yesterday--

No I didn't get invited to SXSW. After reading Doc's comments I feel like I should be there. However I didn't know about it, nor did the Good Fairy put a ticket under my pillow. Oh well! They're loss. It would have made good copy for my regular beat.

Yesterday the SO and I took the day off to catch up on being human beings again. Trips to the dentist, haircuts and other gotta-do-crap was piling up and screaming for our attention. So we got our errands done and dropped down to the Lakewood Ice Arena for the United Skates Syncro' Skating Competition, sponsored by the All Year Figure Skating Club. The teams (including some really cute little kids,) did a nice job.  A personal thanks to their meet manager, Wayne who made some special arrangements for me to attend without causing a media event.

I'm also reading the mind numbing 135 page CARP document. I'm going to refrain from making any in depth comments-- However, these people are so technologically illiterate I can't believe they are writing this crap! I'm so frustrated at what they are trying to shove on us, I can't read any more tonight.

My eyes are crossing, which is my cue to go to bed. Nytol.

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