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  Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Skating Diva Report:  Pairs Final Results

A picture named PairsWlds2002.jpgPairs just finished up a short while ago according to IceCalc, the official scoring system. And while this is fine to know where the placements are-- it does little to tell you exactly HOW people skated. So I waited a bit for Judy Blumberg's report on iSkater. Below's the final placements and links to the gory details--  are here, and here

2002 World Pairs FinalsIna-Zimmerman World Bronze 2002.jpg

Xue-Zhao Pairs World Champs1 Xue SHEN/Hongbo ZHAO CHN (left)
3 Kyoko INA/John ZIMMERMAN USA (right) 

 AP did a nice story on Kyoko Ina here

For complete results click here. (To Skating Diva Section)

5:24:35 PM    

HELP! Technogeeks I need to talk to you. *
Clarified Version    

  • I am looking for a message or forum software like Webboard, that will support an existing forum community of approx. 1000-2000 members. However not all logged on at once. (I wish!)
  • The server at the ISP we are currently on is running Linux.
  • It would be nice if this software would allow multiple forums that are not visible to one another, without going through a common door/web page, running on one server-- but it's not a deal breaker.
  • This is not instant messaging. However chat would be a nice feature-- but why duplicate what IM etc does all ready?
  • Admin Tools need to be Common Sense Oriented. As our Admins have over 20 yrs experience in running Forum Communities and a low threshold for bs.
  • Must be able to interface to an FTP Library of files available for the members for professional use.
  • I must have the ability to back up the entire forum or by a specific date range.
  • Need a  search feature.
  • Membership Rosters must be secure and have the ability to autorespond to password inquiries.
  • Membership should be able to post a profile.
  • And it must be price very reasonable with support (and possibly set up) as an additional fee

Email me: by clicking on the little yellow envelope in the left hand corner.

A litte background: This is for an exsisting professional forum that has been online for over 15 years. There are other forums who are interested. These are very savvy users who demand a fast common sense approach to messaging with a low tolerance to BS.

Thanks again-- Mary Lu

PS:  Thanks to Doc and everyone else for pointing to this message to help out!

[Take One]I need a messaging software for a forum that will support about 1000-2000 members, but not all logged online at once. I would like chat, but it's not necessary. I think need multiple FTP's and the ability to run it on Linux box on my ISP. And above all-- it needs to be fast and very reasonable in the price column.

Email me by clicking on the little yellow envelope on the left column.  Thanks!  Mary Lu

4:16:14 AM    

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