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  Saturday, March 16, 2002

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Adult Entertainment: Steamers Cafe - Fullerton, CA
tonight's musical guests: little chris and the nightcrawlers

Okay I confess: I am a jazzphile. It wasn't something I intended to become, but like many addictions it starts early. In my case it was probably when I was in the womb.  My folks owned a nightclub. nuff said... 

I crave good live Jazz. Yes-- that's Jazz with a capital "J." Not jazz that could double for a cross between musak and environmental. And when I don't hear a live performance every once in a while-- I get downright bitchy. However finding Jazz in LA that isn't 45 miles from my house is not as easy as one might think. However... the gods have smiled on me because we now have Steamers Cafe in Fullerton. (whispering: Thank you!)

Tonight we decided to go down and give a listen to "Little Chris and the NightCrawlers." [pictured above] The group is a cross between a good Chi-town Bar Band and a sophisticated blues/jazz infusion group, with Little Chris Fast playing the harmonica and singing. Chris has an excellent set of pipes. The rest of the band includes an all-star line-up with Fred Rivera on bass, Hank Barrio on lead guitar, Al Ballesteros and Bud Deal on tenor sax, and Dennis Kenmore on drums. Everyone sings. Tonight they had someoene sitting in playing the Mini-trumpet from Vegas, I couldn't catch his name. But this horn player treated the audience to a wonderful display this delicate little horn can play Jazz. We stayed for two sets, which were excellent.

Steamers Cafe, on Commonwealth Ave., West of Harbor, is a wonderful venue for good live Jazz.  Owner Terrance Love has created one of the only places in Northern Orange County where adults, (30-50) can go, kick back, get a bite of good food, listen to great music and enjoy a beverage with other adults. My only complaint is the place could be physically bigger to give people a little more seating space, open up the acoustics and avoid the sardine can seating. The food is good and very reasonably priced. Service staff is friendly and prompt. And like all good Jazz Clubs-- Steamer's has ambiance. I highly recommend it.

The one thing I like about the place is: While Steamers is a coffee house with beer and wine, it's not the local coffeehouse-study hall. Steamer's is for adults.  Weeknight groups start at 8 PM and there's no cover charge. Weekends (Friday and Saturday) start at 8:30 PM and have a $5 cover with a two item min. Reservations are recommended.

Oh yeah-- we will be back.

Life on the Edge: Notebooks and the Net

While Doc was fighting with his broken TiBook, I was fighting with my Omnibook and Adelphia. Jeeze what a friggin' waste of time! Lucky for me I had something else to do! The 15 year old Maytag Washer had the mixer valve go out! Not bad-- considering this is only the second repair call it has ever needed. It honestly warms my heart to see that Midwestern Made in the USA manufacturing can and does hold up. A picture named maytag.jpg

Thank goodness I have such a wonderful relationship with our local major appliance shop. Gary, the owner, took my 2 AM voicemail in good humor, inwhich I told him: "Hi Gary! I'm mopping up the floor of the washroom. If you've got a little time this morning, I'd appreciate you dropping by for coffee, a donut and a little repair job." Amazing! He was here at 8 AM with the donuts and the valve-- I supplied the coffee. Nothing like a little personal service. Adelphia could learn a hell of a lot from someone like him.

A picture named Quilt1.jpg

Today I was supposed to go to the Burbank-Glendale Quilt Guild's Show at the Burbank Hilton. Because of the other things that got in the way, "Girlfriend Julie" went-- I stayed home.

In some ways it was nice. No internet access made me get off my fanny and do something else. 

Confession time-- I am a quilt-o-holic. I sew-- alot. If you need to ask a lot more questions about that, you don't understand.

For those of you trying to email me-- I was just told my Adelphia it won't be up until 6 AM. It's been offline all day.  It appears some kid in a Honda Civic had and accident that caused the fiber to break. Ya rite sure.

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