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  Monday, April 01, 2002

AOL Mary Wehmeier's Radio Weblog
Yeah-- We rolled over for a lot of money. Formerly a Titanic Deck Chair Rearrangement Corporation (NASDAQ:TDCRC).
You've got Blogs! AOL buys into homegrown media - Today the Register is reporting that Dave Wiener has finally sold out his "Radio Blog Group,"  including Mary Wehmeier's Radio Weblog, to the mega-media conglomerate AOL/TW Disney Clear Channel Group. When asked to comment, Mary Wehmeier, Editor n' Chief was unable to comment. Her assistants, Chris Locke and Doc Searls, explained she was unable to speak with our reporters because
"She is packing her suitcase of cash and heading to NAB2002 in Las Vegas-- and she's taking me!" Said the beaming Locke.
"Mary intends to buy up every piece of non-CBDTPA  piece of editing equiptment she can." added her new PR person Doc Searls. She plans to open a new off-shore production studio in an environment where she is not treated like a thief and raise her Champion Schnauzers in peace."
[April Fool]

2:15:54 PM    

Wired is reporting that Hollings is going to have to wait to get the CBDTPA before Congress this year. "Sen. Patrick Leahy says a controversial proposal to embed copy protection in electronics gear will not become law this year." (Thanks to Dave for pointing his out.)

However-- this does not mean we should sit back and see what develops. Doc and David Weinberger have been all over this subject over the weekend, while I got myself ready for NAB2002 this weekend.

Senators Hatch (Utah) and Leahy (Vermont) of the Senate Committee on Judiciary are soliciting comments from the public on the CBDTPA and DCMA and related issues. But before you write the Committee with your comments, do read what Doc and David have to say on this.

To anyone write the Judiciary Committee allow me to give you some advice in my normal earthy Mary Lu way--

Look! You're writing the goverment. With Osama, Terrorism and approving Federal Judges, all on this Committee's platter, these Senators do not have the time, patience or the staff to read and understand a long windy letter with little facts or substance.  So be distinct, direct and be willing to support your charges with facts and figures, either briefly in your letter or tell them you will provide the supporting information upon request. Cut and paste letters are fine if you want to create a pile of responses, but in reality original personal letters that point out the effect of this Law/Laws would create on you and/or your business are actually our best weapons of reason.  And last but not least-- Anonymous letters get little attention, be sure to put your name on it and keep a copy for yourself in case you are ever contacted.  Okay?  Good!

Next week I'm off to cover NAB2002 Las Vegas. It should prove to be interesting to cover, because the NAB may support the Hollings Bill in order to keep the corporate broadcasters happy. However NAB is not supporting the CARP Ruling. NAB needs to be very careful on these issues, because about 50% of the exhibitors and over 75% attendees work outside the corporate workplace.  It would definately bite itself in the bankbook if they lost a major group of companies from the CBDTPA. It should be interesting.

Anyone going to NAB?  Contact me! (Hit the little yellow envelope on the side)

Coming later today will be the NAB2002 Section of news and information on the show.

4:33:20 AM    

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