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  Sunday, March 31, 2002

Hewlett is Being Shown the Door

Last week Hewlett and his group who opposed the merger of HP and Compaq, filed suit to block the merger. With this lawsuit Walter Hewlett has sealed his fate. CNet News is reporting that the Board of Directors is meeting today to vote on a new Board of Directors depending on whether or not the merger succeeds. Not too surprising, Walter Hewlett's name is not on either list. Good to see Carly followed Dan's advice.

3:13:45 PM    

Happy Holy [insert your religious holiday here] Weekend to Everyone.  Readers: Please don't take this lack of attention to my Weblog personally. All my attention to family events and dinners has been keeping me away from you, but don't take it personally. I do have to make sure they're happy from time to time so they let me blog whenever I want to.

Today I suggest you read Doc Searls and Tim Merritt's, DV For Teachers

Later I will be posting my memory of meeting the Queen Mum, who passed away on Saturday.

3:16:39 PM    

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