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  Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Slippery Ice-

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You can tell the Olympics is over, because life in the skating world is not running smoothly. The slate of entries for World's still isn't posted on the World Championship site as of tonight. It appears they're having the same type of problems with their ISP I've been having. (more later)

The "Welcome Home" parade in Great Neck, NY for Sarah Hughes had to be postponed, due to rain. It's rescheduled for next weekend. (Weather permitting-- of course.)

And it appears Amy Fisher has bowed out of the Celebrity Boxing on Fox match against Tonya Harding. Paula Jones is going to stand in for Fisher next Wednesday night. Pity they just didn't cancel it-- or let Tonya fight Danny B'.

Martha! Set the VCR!

Saturday March 9, 6-7 PM
Hallmark Channel is showing 1988 Gala of World Champions
Sunday, March 10, 2-4 PM ABC is showing the
Ladies and Mens Long Programs Four Continents Competition
Monday, March 11, ESPN is showing the Pairs Long Program and the Free Dance of the Four Continents Competition.

Something to do if you're in LA this weekend-- The 6th Annual United SKATES Synchronized Skating Challenge will take place on Saturday, March 9, 2002, 6-8PM at the Glacial Garden Ice Rink, Lakewood, California.  I plan on being there. If you're coming, email me!

The envelope, please?

[RIP!] And we have a tie!  After SLC, What else is new?  The Co-Awards for the Best Olympic Parody Song of the Year are  "Russian in Nature" by Capcomop  and  "Blame Canada" by Trudi Marrapodi

Congradulations to the winners!  And thanks to the Usenet group (or RSSIC) and Ron Narciso the webmaster who inshrined these tunes for all time.  We hope we can work with the group and Ron again to bring a little humor to everyone.

Business Wire reports: Michelle Kwan has signed 3 year contract with the Walt Disney Company Kwan will be a representative for numerous Disney products and services for the next three years. In the past, she has starred in Disney and ABC television specials and has contributed to several figure skating-related books published by Disney. The amount of the contract was undisclosed.

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