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  Tuesday, March 19, 2002

A picture named HPLogo.jpgLooks like the HP-Compaq Merger will go through, all though by a slim margin This was big news today as has devoted an entire section to today's merger meeting.

From where I sit, I believe this in the long haul this merger will put HP on a level playing field with IBM. I hope the major parties involved can mend their fences and get on with business once this matter is put to a close. 

Carly: Just remember what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

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The Skating Diva Speaks:  Marie-Reine Le Gougne's and ISU President Cinquanta are Back in the News-- Again
[Worlds News is below-- scroll down]

A picture named LeGougne2002.jpgMax Miller, attorney for former Olympic Pairs Judge Marie-Reine Le Gougne, (left) is talking to the press again, during the World Championships in order to garner more public media attention and expose a few of the ISU's warts in public. While Miller doesn't have one of the more popular people in the skating world as a client, he is still claiming that Referee Pfenning and ISU Technical Chairmen Stapleford "exercised undue influence'' over Le Gougne and made false accusations.

At least Max is keeping his story straight. It might be nice if he reminded his client to keep her mouth shut, because everytime she opens her mouth, it's not helping her case.

However as much as you might not care for Max Miller, he does have one major valid complaint.

Since the ISU has announced a hearing date for April 29-30th, they have yet to provide Miller with one shred of the evidence from the investigation against his client, despite the ISU's promises to provide the copies to Miller in a message he received on or about March 16th. Miller has publicly stated he feels like he's being ambushed.  I'm not surprised.

On the other side of things Ottavio "Speedy" Cinquanta, ISU President is telling USA Today that Le Gougne "or any individual involved or concerned, will receive in due time, and of course before the hearing, the adequate number of documents related to the hearing in order to put these people in the position to defend themselves.''

Well Speedy the major questions is WHEN? And what is an ADEQUATE NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS? Ut Oh... Speedy's in over his head, again.

I am very sure the ISU Executive Counsel is well aware the court of public opinion is not smiling on the ISU or its governance of Figure Skating. I'm heard the USFSA isn't thrilled either. It stands to lose big time if this isn't resolved soon. [in Red Box] But Cinquanta's dragging his feet again. The last time we had to get to the heart of the judging problem and resolve the issue, it took Skating Diva Reports: IOC President, Dr. Jack Rogge pushing Cinquanta to do the right thing with a cattleprod. May be we need to get Dick Pound, IOC Rep. from Canada on board with the ISU to explain how "due process" works?

Personally I'd vote for Dick Pound. He's a take-no-BS lawyer (and a good one at that,) who's played in this type of arena. I'm quite sure Pound would be able to assist ISU Vice President, Gerhard Zimmerman, who heading the investigation. (I believe Zimmerman is an lawyer.) Between Pound and Zimmerman, they would have no problem through a fair investigation and insuring a fair hearing would take place getting that would stand the test of public scrutiny.

But I'd venture to guess Speedy Cinquanta would give birth to a cat on the spot, if that were suggested.

Why? It is rumored that the ISU President has more than one skeleton and dirty deal in his closet, which would come out in any investigation. Cinquanta's backroom deals and attitude of entitlement are rumored that if they ever saw the light of day, would put the IOC-SLC kickback investigation to shame. Cinquanta's treatment of the figure skaters and the demanding "grand prix" competitions for world class elite skaters is well known and hated by all the skaters. This Grand Prix Tour has virtually stripped the skaters of their earning power, completely killed the professional-amateur competitions we saw after the Nagano and Norway Olympics. Why? Because Cinquanta and the ISU gets a cut of the money from every Grand Prix event. And the ISU refuses to allow the amateurs to compete in the pro-ams on weeks the Grand Prix events take place, in order to line the ISU and Speedy's pockets with new money.

In reality everyone involved in the SLC Olympic Pairs Judging scandal needs to be heard in a open manner in which everyone who's involved with this judging problem gets fair and an equal opportunity to see all the facts from all the people interviewed PRIOR TO THE HEARING and WITH ADEQUATE TIME TO REVIEW THE MATERIAL. Anything less would be unethical for the sport.

And... Yes, and that includes Marie-Reine Le Gougne and her attorney Max Miller.

5:32:13 PM    

Bits n Bytes

  • A picture named HPLogo.jpgToday is D-Day for the HP-Compaq Merger. Starting at 6:30 AM Pacific time (less than 1 hour from now,) Stockholders can begin registering to take part in the 9AM meeting, that is being billed as one of the largest, most public corporate merger showdowns in history. HP is limiting admission to this meeting to stockholders only, which should keep the bar-fight contained to within the walls of The Flint Center in Cupertino. In all my time in being involved with HP, either as student, a consumer or contractor, I've never seen such behavior within this company. The personal venom Walter Hewitt has lobbed at a CEO Carly Fiorina both personally and professionally for trying to move HP forward is jaw dropping. What Hewitt has failed to understand is that Fiorina is not buying Compaq for the PC business, but to secure a considerable amount of intellectual property Compaq owns via the earlier Digital Equipment merger, as well as the enterprise server, printing and imaging businesses. By owning this intellectual property HP secures its position in the major areas of the industry that are still and will always be making money. I personally do wish Carly well in this mission. I believe she is on the right path for the long term good of HP. But I also hope Walter Hewitt is smart enough and well adjusted enough to cooperate with Fiorina after the merger is complete without killing the goose that will supply the family foundations with many golden eggs in the future.

    We shall see what happens in the next few hours.

ChuckleByte: The world's first paper shredder was a goat. Doug McIntyre "Red Eye Radio" KABC, LA

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