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  Saturday, February 23, 2002


First off, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write (or write nice things in their blog,) and say they have enjoyed my perspective on Figure Skating and the Olympics. I've appreciated hearing from you. When I started playing with Radio it was never my intention to write for people outside the skating world-- and may be a few friends and family members who knew me. Everyone has been supportive, with the exception of one person who decided to flame my perspective and writing style on his blog. Let me say, most of what I've written here has been straight off off the cuff, warts and all. It is not the type of professional or technical writing I normally do for a living.

Feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer

Second, some of you are emailing me to say you're having problems with Netscape and seeing my pictures. As for what's happening-- I dunno. I'll check in with the powers that be in the Radio technical support group and let you know. It's possible I'm not doing something right.  Because Radio is a new product, we're all learning.

Champions on Ice: Tom Collins group, sent me a note today--

Tickets to the Champions On Ice Olympic Tour will go on sale to the general public at 10:00AM Monday morning. You have until 5:00PM Sunday to "jump to the front of the line" and purchase your tickets before the public on sale. Get great seats before the presale ends to see Michelle, Sarah, Irina, Sasha, Alexei, Evegny and Timothy and much, much, more.. You can buy your tickets now - just go to and select "Olympic Tour" then "Performances".

For those of you who want to go-- have at it!

Todd Eldridge signed on Thursday to appear with Stars on Ice.  Eldredge will join the show beginning Tuesday, February 26th at the Mark of the Quad Cities in Moline, IL, (my hometown) and remain through the seasonís final tour date, Saturday, April 20th in Portland, ME. Press Release here.

To see where the tour is going to be performing go to and click on Tour Schedule.


9:23:42 PM    

The Plot is getting thicker. We heard rumors, but now it appears official--

A picture named Marie-ReineLeGougne2.jpgAccording to The Guardian, Britain's Sally-Anne Stapleford, chairwoman of the technical committee of the ISU, is threatening to sue the French judge Marie-Reine le Gougne for falsing stateing Stapleford pressured her to say it was the French federation that forced her to vote for the Russian couple during the controversial pairs competition.  "The woman is obviously emotionally distressed," said Stapleford. "No one likes having their integrity questioned but she changes her story daily, so I think most people now know what to make of it. Read more here. Marie-Reine le Gougne pictured right. (AP)

Here we go!

4:08:31 AM    

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