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  Monday, February 25, 2002

A picture named SarahTheDayAfter.jpgA picture named wheatiessarahhughes.jpgThe Champion Without an Agent- Sarah Hughes, Olympic Gold Medalist, the kid without an agent, isn't doing too badly.  Wheaties, the so-called "Breakfast of Champions," will announce today that it will put the 16-year-old Kings Point, NY figure skater on its boxes. Sarah will now will have her image in every cereal aisle in America. Sarah is also scheduled to appear on "The Jay Leno Show" tonight on NBC.  Thank God her father's an attorney.

It also appears that as issues about 16-year-old Sarah's safety is beginning to show around the edges. Instead of being allowed to attend the NSYNC Concert in the Medals Park, she got a private audience with the band. Sarah attended the USA vs. Canada hockey game from the safety of the a box with Vice President Dick Cheney and Salt Lake Organizing Committee president Mitt Romney.  Sarah attended a dinner as the honored guest recognizing every female American figure skating gold medalist. The Posse's VIP Guest List included: Tenley Albright (1956), Carol Heiss (1960), Peggy Fleming (1968), Dorothy Hamill (1976), Kristi Yamaguchi (1992) and Tara Lipinski (1998) and other US Skaters. Last night, Hughes was so tired that she did not attend the Closing Ceremonies.

Sounds like the safetynet is closing in quick.

Pairs Gold medalists Jamie Salé and David Pelletier will make their first post-Olympic performance at home in Edmonton, Alberta with a figure skating exhibition on March 12. The pair trained at the Royal Glenora Club, will be the headliners of a show called Jamie and David and Friends. It will be held at the Skyreach Centre.

Also the endorsements are starting-- Sale and Pelletier have signed a one year endorsement deal to be the new poster kids for Procter and Gambles Crest Whitestrips. Neither have used the strips, but grew up using Crest.

4:07:51 PM    

A picture named speakingwanangel.jpgMusic Questions--

Someone asked what version of "Fields of Gold" Michelle Kwan skated to in the exhibition.  It's Mary Black's Speaking with an Angel (Trk 12)

If the music questions keep coming in I am going need to make a specific section in the skating site.

2:56:45 PM    

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