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  Sunday 17 November 2002
Cosy Sheridan in Felton

Deb and I went to a house concert in Felton last night, and saw and heard Cosy Sheridan again. (We saw her at nearby Henfling's Firehouse Tavern in February.) Earlier in the day, I was still feeling a bit under the weather, so I was hanging around the house all day; I hadn't listened to her albums in a while, so I put on all three and listened while I did some paperwork. While sorta half-listening for one song that I recalled, "Broken Place", which has a catchy chorus, "Quietly Led" came on. There's one similar phrase that made me think for a moment that QL was BP.

During the concert, Cosy played those two songs back to back, saying that she'd never done that before because BP was what came out when she set out to rewrite QL three years later. Very nice concert, nice to see her again. I had met her over ten years ago, when a co-worker friend was showing her what the brand-new World-Wide-Web was all about.

Last night, Cosy brought in a news flash that we hadn't heard: there was a fire at Henfling's on Friday morning. Hopefully not serious enough to close the place. The Sentinel article says

Luckily, the tavern is aptly named. There's a fire station next door. "They just walked over and assisted us," kitchen manager Kylan Oaks quipped after it was clear damage was relatively minor ...

(I think that's a typo -- unless he changed it, his name is Dylan, not Kylan.)

Cosy said that she'd heard that Henfling's' folk series' scheduled gigs may be picked up by the Trout Farm Inn, just over past Quail Hollow Park in Zayante canyon.

By the way, the sentinel article also says that Henfling's had been mentioned in the New York Times that morning, so I dug up that reference:

It's kind of funny how much a city-dweller's vision of Santa Cruz this is. Of the eleven "things to do", only one ( Natural Bridges) is at all nature-related, and the redwoods are mentioned only because Henfling's is under them. Oh, well, I guess that's better than getting the place overrun with New Yorkers seeking nature.
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