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Sunday, May 05, 2002

Speaking of fiction books, I've been trying to convince myself to follow up on a dream I've had for a while of writing my own fiction novel. It would fall into the espionage/thriller genre.  I've already got a basic story line down, now just trying to muster up the courage to get started on it.

9:46:15 PM    

Simon Fell: "Read a bunch of good books recently, Ken MacLeod's The Sky Road, Cosmonaut Keep and The Cassini Division, Eric Nylund's Signal to Noise, Vernor Vinge A Deepness in the Sky, Greg Bear The Forge of God and John Barnes The Merchants of Souls. I'll probably switch tracks, and start reading Ingo's .NET Remoting book this week." If you like military thrillers at all, James W. Huston and Vince Flynn have a couple of decent reads, both are series with about three/four good novels that build on each other Clancy style.  If you like historical fiction, Glenn Meade and Greg Iles are pretty good choices. 
9:43:16 PM    

Sam Ruby: "Saw Spiderman.  While I also don't care for heights, I guess I'm less sensitive to this than Dave.  Other than that, my review matches Dave's.  One scene was also too intense for my 10 year old daughter."  <Sigh> I still can't seem to muster up any level of interest in watching yet another comic-book-turned-hollywood.  The flash and glitz just doesn't do it for me I guess.  About not liking heights... that's also something I don't do.  I love heights.  One of my best memories growing up was sitting at the top of Half Dome in Yosemite, my feet dangling over the edge, eating chocolate pudding, drinking coffee (that we brewed at the top of course in a portable coffee pot) looking out at the Yosemite Valley below.  We sat there for about an hour just enjoying the view.
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