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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Mystery of the disappearing blog post.  It's gone.  It was there a while ago, and now it is gone.  It's the only one that is missing. Beezar.
8:29:22 AM    

Lots of friends coming home.  Will be glad to see 'em.

7:34:19 AM    

Simon Fell: "James posts the sample I was looking for, thanks. So there's no way to say it returns a particular SOAP message then ?"  Unless you're using SOAP 1.2, sure not.  The HTTP binding indicates nothing more than the content type.  You'd have to mix the SOAP and HTTP bindings in order to get the useful SOAP information, which simply would not be interoperable.  Hopefully the WSDL WG will address this.
7:21:09 AM    

Well, let's see, Memorial Day Weekend started off with the 2yr old staying over night with grandparents (yipee!), watchin' Star Wars (much better than episode 1 "attack of the killer jar jar"), and figuring out what else we need to buy to prepare nursery.  It ended with getting to see my sister (hadn't seen her in a couple of years), a BBQ at my folks followed by a BBQ at my wife's folks the next day.  Fun weekend.  Now back to work.  :-)
7:01:17 AM    

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