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Thursday, May 09, 2002

Question: How can somebody be so idiotically rude as to have the bass jacked all the way up on their car stereo's at 11:00 PM.  It's nighttime.  It's a neighborhood.  People are sleeping (or trying to).  Other's may be trying to concentrate on writing code.  Babies are having a hard time getting to sleep.  Turn down your damn stereo! Is thumpa-thumpa so incredibly important to some folks that it automatically allows them to become automatic jack-asses? 
11:07:38 PM    

Sam Ruby: "Note also that "RDF is the standard for metadata" is slipped into #5. Smooth, eh? Metadata is a broad term. I also consider XML Schema metadata." You know, I read right over that the first time and it didn't click right away.  You're right, I would broaden this up to say that you should use metadata standards, of which RDF, XML Schema and WSDL are examples.

Sam Ruby: "#4 is worded a bit too "motherhood and apple pie" for my tastes... I've seen a number of underspecified protocols and people all to willing to insert their one opinions as to the original intent." Yeah, it all tends to start resembling a federal courts interpretation of the Constitution, but the fundamental principal is still there.

8:16:25 AM    

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