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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Peter Drayton: "Been playing with MapPoint.NET. Just for grins, here's a little picture of roughly where my web site thinks you are - is it right? :-)" Close enough.  It picked up the address of my Wireless ISP and pinpointed it pretty well.  It's still about 60 miles off my real location, but not a bad shot.  I wonder how the online privacy folks would feel about this?

10:12:47 PM    

WebServices.Org - Gartner say Web services will require application-level firewalls.  Interesting report.
1:52:08 PM    

A new rule to add to Rumsfeld's Rules:  Very few people actually follow all of their own rules.
1:51:31 PM    

Found this link on Nat's blog, Rumsfeld's Rules.  Some really good stuff.  Definitely worth reading and passing on up and down your management levels.
12:22:01 PM    

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