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Saturday, May 25, 2002

From database to 3D, a new vision thing - Tech News - Saw a smaller version of this up at the IBM San Francisco office.  Really cool stuff.
1:19:30 PM    

Nuclear power plants put on alert.  Ok, so we've had a new alert every day this week.  We've got terrorists planning to attack on land, sea and air.  In subways, national monuments, nuclear power plants, appartment buildings, government buildings, etc. 

The point: terrorists use terror to fight the American way of life.  Their #1 weapon: a U.S. Government all to willing to "err of the side of caution".  We should all realize that terrorists are all really bad people who will use any and all possible means to kill the innocent people they've chosen as their targets. 

1:08:48 PM    

Wedding guests electrocuted in India   Talk about your freak accidents. 
1:02:20 PM    

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