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Thursday, April 04, 2002

My three day weekend...

begins today.  My wife Monique and I are going to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for some much needed rest and relaxation.   I hate to miss the Knowledge Mgt postings going on over at Jim McGee's site, but I'll have to make up my classwork when I get back. 

If anyone is inclined to see the movie "The Scoundrel's Wife" please give in to your inclinations.  It's set in South Louisiana, and created by Glen Pitre, a good boy from Cut-Off Louisiana.  His brother Loulan, practiced law at my firm for a long time and then heeded the call to return to Cut-Off where he ran for the state legislature with the slogan "I'll be there to peel the shrimp."  Which means: Loulan is not the kind to show up at a shrimp boil after the hard work has been done.   Neither is his brother, Glen (who previously made Belizaire the Cajun).  The film is a labor of love, and I hope that emotion carries through to its audience.... 

Art for more than just art's sake...

Denise Howell's site (another lawyer-blogger) tipped me off to a young artist named Thomas Pacheco.  He is seven and hopes to continue painting for a long time, but you know how it is.  Often the most talented artists pass away too soon . That may be true for Thomas, although we hope not.  He is waging a difficult battle with cancer.  At least check out his site, and his art too if you can...

7:24:59 PM    

Years in which copyright's term was set.
"1790 1831 1909 1962 1965 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1974 1976 1998 

What stimulated the flurry of activity since 1962?" [From: The Peanut Gallery]

7:17:36 PM    

Free speech and the Internet: A fish story.

A legal dispute between online aquatic plant enthusiasts and a pet supply store illustrates the perils of casual opining on the Web. [Salon]

7:08:15 PM    

I'll pass this on as an interesting quote from Yahoo magazine:

"Cybercrime will never be effectively curbed if society continues to treat it as merely pranksterism"

Microsoft lawyer Susan Kelley Keoppen, discussing a House Bill that would punish some hacking offenses with life imprisonment.

6:06:23 PM    

Web-based information on Judges

Trial lawyers know how important judges are to their cases, and that's why the first thing they ask about a case (usually even before the facts) is "who's the judge?"  I've often thought that someone should create a website with information about judges, and where lawyers can post comments (ideally, anonymously) about the judges before whom they practice.  I guess, ideally, it would be a state-by-state thing.

I mentioned this to my friend Buzz (attorney, and purveyor of ActiveWords) and he sent me this link for a site that someone is putting together for judges in Utah.  I wonder if there is anything like this going on elsewhere?  Maybe some of us lawyer-bloggers can pick up the slack.

5:52:15 PM    

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