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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Knoweldge management and global brands for law firms.

Anyone interested in the intersection of KM, professional services firm management and branding should read this article from the March issue of Global Counsel magazine. [via tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog]

7:07:49 PM    

U.S. Supremes to View Victor/Victoria, the Lingerie Dispute.

The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it will take a look at a 4-year-old fight between Victoria's Secret, the national chain known for using ultra-glamorous models to sell lingerie, and Victor's Little Secret, a small, family-owned Kentucky store that sells "everything for romantic encounters." The eventual ruling could clarify rules for trademark protection against sound-alike names or slogans. []

7:06:52 PM    

ABA Panel OKs Arbitration Clauses in Retainers Based on Informed Consent.

Lawyers can include arbitration clauses in retainer agreements for fee disputes and malpractice claims so long as the client consents after receiving full disclosure, an American Bar Association ethics panel concluded in an opinion released Thursday. The panel said such clauses don't prospectively limit liability but merely "prescribe a procedure for resolving such claims." []

7:06:00 PM    

Law firms and KM: There is hope.

"I originally wrote this article about law firms and KM last month, but a conversation with Ernie last week, today's link to the Global Counsel article, and an e-mail I just got from Buzz prompted me to include another link." [via tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog]

I have really enjoyed talking to Rick about the infrastructure of the legal system.  Whenever I feel really frustrated I think I'll call him.  He understands the reason why lawyers have trouble embracing technology better than anybody, although I know that Denise understands too.  Hopefully, things will change sooner rather than later....

7:05:00 PM    

This page can't be displayed because you need fresh air.  [Scripting News]

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Former Supreme Court Justice Byron White Dies at 84

Byron White, a one-time Rhodes Scholar and football star who ...[spent] 31 years on the U.S. Supreme Court, died on Monday in Denver at the age of 84. "He was a good colleague and a great friend," said Chief Justice William Rehnquist. White, who retired from the high court in 1993, was often a pivotal but unpredictable vote, especially as the Court became dominated by conservative appointees." []

One of his former clerks, Bill D'Zurilla, worked at our firm and described Justice White as a man who took his work very seriously and truly struggled to make the right decision.  I say "struggled" not because it was hard for White, but because I think it is hard for all judges, and in the tough cases (which is pretty much all they get up at the Supreme Court) almost every case is a struggle.   White was appointed by John Kennedy in 1962.

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