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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Communities, Audiences and Scale. Clay Shirky was the moderator at this year's PC Forum, and his article titled Communities, Audiences and Scale provides a very interesting argument about the sustainability of communities. [tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog]

Rick has some interesting observations on this, and if I weren't so busy I'd crank out a more extended commentary.  The question is: will something like the Radio community we have here scale?  To the naysayers I would say that you can't predict what will happen here based on previous models (because there are no previous models).  Radio is a mult-dimensional thing, and people outside the Radio world (like my friends who come here to see my 'blog site) don't get to see below the surface, where things like the News Aggregator, Referers, and Page Rankings work.  I think the community can scale, or maybe scaling means the community becomes segmented in some way....who knows?  Let's just keep trying it and see what happens....
11:59:26 PM    

Only in America

Family of Florida teen who flew a stolen plane into building files a $70 million wrongful death lawsuit. They claim acne medicine caused the boy to commit suicide. [Story Link] [via Adam Curry's Weblog]

2:59:15 PM    

More Blogging Jurors... 

The juror at a wrongful dismissal suit has written an amazing account of the disgusting treatment AOL/Time Warner afforded an employee to discourage his interracial dating. [via]  [bOing bOing].

2:55:43 PM    

Adobe PDF On The Fly

"The folks at FinePrint have taken this concept one step further in developing pdfFactory, their newest offering. This product also uses a print driver to intercept the print command, this time to permit on-the-fly creation of PDF files. The user can modify the output in several different ways and then save the resulting PDF to the hard disk....

Beyond the cost considerations, however, there are several innovations. The most important is that output may be concatenated into one single PDF file from a series of separate print jobs, from the same or different sources. The usefulness of this feature is best described by real-life examples. The following scenarios illustrate a point that I have long made, and that is that one of the most significant contributions that Acrobat makes to a lawyer's productivity is its ability to create the bundled document: a single file containing output from a number of different programs, collected together for ease of reference and, to be sure, for printing it out when nothing but paper will do.

The first example is that of the legal secretary who is attempting to schedule an attorney's trip for an out-of-town deposition. She can visit the airline's web site and print to Factory a page showing the times of departure from Chicago and the alternatives for return flights, as well as a diagram of the aircraft's layout, then go to MapQuest and print out a map and driving directions, then print from WordPerfect a copy of the confirming letter to the client and a copy of a deposition notice, all in one PDF file which can then be transferred to the attorney's laptop or PDA or sent by e-mail for later use." [LLRX] via [The Shifted Librarian]

This is cool.  I use Acrobat all the time and I can't rhapsodize enough about the utility of being able to "capture" a print job and create a PDF file.  One day Rick Talcott and I will actually write that book that will show lawyers how to use Acrobat.  Meanwhile, I'm going to check out pdfFactory and see if that adds to the functionalilty of Acrobat.

2:53:07 PM    

Blogging jurors? -  Now it gets interesting

"A jury member unsatisfied with the outcome of a lawsuit has set up his web page to help collect funds for the unsuccessful plaintiff in the case. Will "do you have a blog" become a question commonly heard during jury selection?" [via Larry Sullivan]

2:43:41 PM    

National Cybercrime Conference

May 9-11, 2002 at The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois

"In our current state of heightened national security, the law affecting information and computers is changing rapidly. Hear the experts who are involved discuss where we have been, where we are, and what the future may hold.  Speakers include practicing experts from government and industry who are making and enforcing the law today."

Boy, I wish I lived in Chicago so I could go to this conference.  (Thanks to Rich for pointing this out).

2:34:35 PM    

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