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Monday, April 08, 2002

Now that I've discovered "categories" I can't stop creating them.

I've decided to create a category page for "Law & Technology."  The link is on the left in Navigator links.   And if I get the outlining thing to work right, I may have to quit my job.

9:30:46 PM    

Rory Perry's - another legal blogger....with a Radio site.

Denise Howell turned me on to this guy: "Rory L. Perry II,  the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Appeals in West Virgina (the state's high court).... He has his own blog, and also maintains one for the Court where new opinions and other information are available."

Reading his essay on The Law is Free I feel like Neo when he tapped into The Matrix.  This guy gets it:

"So now that courts have the power to deliver content themselves, why aren't they doing it? Well many are at least posting decision on their respective Web sites. And there are movements afoot to create common markup standards for court decisions. But why not take the next step? My guess is that the right technological answer hasn't been available yet. But with the advent of XML-RPC, SOAP, and DIY Web Services, I think the landscape is changing radically."

Of course, Jenny was one of his early she was for me.  If Dave Winer reads this post please put him on the Weblog Categories list under the rubric "Court Administrators."

9:05:01 PM    

More Pith....

"Truth proceedeth more readily from error than from confusion."

--Sir Francis Bacon

7:22:13 PM    

Law Professor demonstrates ease with which plaintiffs can sue, and guess what?

You guessed it; he gets sued.  The "eggshell plaintiff" rule holds that if the person you hurt happens to get hurt easily that's too bad.  You're responsible.  The unfortunate law professor happened to pick an "eggshell student" to demonstrate this principle on and, when he touched her in class to make his point about the eggshell plaintiff rule, it triggered a well-spring of horrible memories.  So the girl sued.  When is Scotty going to fix the damn Transporter? [Story Link from Overlawyered]

7:09:03 PM    

Rick Klau's article about blogging in the ABA Law Practice Mgt magazine

Rick is a lawyer, who found gainful employment after law school (which is to say he didn't practice law, but devoted himself to helping lawyers use technology).  I'll be interested to see what sort of feedback he gets from his article, and whether it will steer more attorneys into the Radio Userland community. Oh, God, run for cover everybody.....the lawyers are coming, the lawyers are coming...

6:31:21 PM    

Speaking of NetGens, Classrooms Need Upgrades, Too - From Jenny

"Schools have made progress integrating computers and PDAs into the classroom, yet one design firm believes that more drastic changes are needed, so they created a prototype of what a future classroom may look like....

The three-part technology system consists of an interactive PDA called the GooBall, a backpack and a removable flexible LCD screen for each student. Students can sit, stand or lie down when using the devices, and are not confined to desks.... [Wired News] via [The Shifted Librarian]

I definitely think that we need to re-examine how schools could use technology.  Everything gets focused on computers, but PDA's and E-Books should be considered too.  My son goes to an all-boys high school where most of the kids carry two backpacks (they look like Paratroopers with big reserve chutes on their chest and the main chute on the back).  The damn things weigh at least 30 pounds.  Does anyone not realize that you can scan 5 boxes of paper and all that will fit on one CD-Rom?  If you capture the information as text the capacity is even greater.  I'm sure an E-book would hold all of theinformation that my son and three of his colleagues are carting around, and do so in a searchable, and electronically highlightable (and bookmarkable) form.  Plus, many E-Books have built in dictionaries so that if someone is reading and they don't know the definition of the word they can access it immediately.   The cost of distributing the books would probablybe so much lower that the student could buy all of the books and get the reader free.  I mean this is a no-brainer.  Is any school out there working on this?  Why not?

4:37:03 PM    

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