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Friday, April 12, 2002

Scoble and me and our adventures at the Tech-Ed extravaganza

Robert Scoble (aka "the Scobelizer") managed to get me into the Microsoft extravaganza last night at the riverfront.  6,000 techies in town to talk about stuff that I'm sure is important, although I couldn't tell you why.   Last night was Microsoft's way of throwing them a big party and letting them blow some steam.  Anyway, there was free food, and drinks, performance art, arcade games, and a very orderly crowd listening to Robert Cray and Blues Traveller.  The music was outstanding!

My favorite part was, at the end of the night, standing in the middle of the crowd of uber-geeks as they implored Blues Traveller to play an encore.  They did this, not by holding lighters up, but rather by illuminating their PDA's and holding those up.  Fire, is so yesterday.  Man, is anything analog anymore?

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