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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Meta-blogging - the short bet...

I think we should start a contest to see when one of the major news magazines (e.g.  Newsweek or Time) will run an article on 'blogging.  It's just a matter of time now.  My bet is that before the end of June we'll see a full page article in one of those two magazines. 

11:12:09 PM    

Supreme Court rumors - Will Rehnquist retire?  Will O'Connor become the first woman Chief?

The arguments are over and now the court settles down to decide the remaining cases, and rumors are in full bloom.  John Dean writes about it for his Findlaw column

Oh, and he promises to reveal the identity of Deep Throat (of Watergate fame, not the other one) in mid-June.  I say it's Al Haig.

11:08:18 PM    

Understanding Digital Certificates

What is a digital certificate? What does it do? Where is it kept? Can you hang them on your wall? And most importantly, why should you care?  [Digital Identity World]

10:53:52 PM    

Pet Peeves...

1) mispronunciation of the word "preventive."  It's not "preventative medicine" so let's practice saying it correctly; besides it's easier to pronounce "preventive."

2) misuse of the word "comprise."  Five players comprise a basketball team.  And a basketball team is composed of five players.  It is wrong to say a basketball team is "comprised of" five players.  It's really sad to see this mistake made by so-called professional journalists.

10:19:06 PM    

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