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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Does a recent case threaten web linking?

Journalist Patti Waldmeir says that the recent U.S. 9th Cir ruling in Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp threatens general linking on web sites.  The EFF agrees.  Is this case a threat to linking?  Nah, not quite.  I agree with Denise Howell on this one: This is an over-the-top assessment, and doesn't represent a fair reading of the case.  [See post by Denise]

Denise knows a bit about the legal side of the whole linking problem, having written an article about it. 

11:22:59 PM    

Hey Buzz, Nacchio made a bunch of money last year!

In a follow up to the blogging story involving Joseph Nachio, here is some late-breaking news.  Qwest Communications paid Chairman Joseph Nacchio more than $27 million last year .  Nacchio's 2001 compensation, excluding stock options, was more than six times greater than his 2000 compensation of $4.22 million, according to Qwest's filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. [New York Times: Technology]

11:04:52 PM    

Oops!  How do I use the E-mail system again?

While more than 50 companies have expressed confidential interest in acquiring Global Crossing, their identities are no longer secret to one another, courtesy of an e-mail message from Global Crossing's lawyers. [New Yorks Times: Technology]

10:41:54 PM    

It makes too much sense to actually work.  Doctors, prescriptions, and technology?

An Internet-based system being introduced will allow doctors to send prescriptions directly to a pharmacy's computer from a hand-held or desk-top computer, wireless telephone or text pager. By Milt Freudenheim. [New York Times: Technology]

9:51:39 PM    

Who can you trust?  Really.  That's the question...

ID Cards for `Trusted Travelers' Run Into Some Thorny Questions. The idea seemed simple: figure out who the good guys are, give them easy-to-recognize and hard-to-counterfeit ID cards and let them breeze past airport security. It wasn't. By Matthew L. Wald. [New York Times: Technology]

9:47:38 PM    

A picture named morpheus.gif

It's as I suspected....I'm not "the one."
3:51:40 PM    

Anonymous Book buying is a fundamental right

"The Colorado Supreme Court announced a decision on Monday in Tattered Cover, Inc. v. City of Thornton. Relying on both the Colorado and United States Constitution, the court determined that a police search warrant for the book-buying records of a criminal suspect was unreasonable. The Court held that the information sought by the search warrant implicated a fundamental right protected by the state and federal constitutions, that is, the "fundamental right to purchase books anonymously, free from governmental interference." [via Rory Perry's Radio Weblog]

11:13:45 AM    

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