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Sunday, April 28, 2002

Hey Scoble the New Orleans Jazz Fest is going full tilt - Clive Wilson will play at 4:00 pm

Clive Wilson was the son of a parish priest in the Church of England. He was the classic "urbane Englishman."  In the 1950s Wilson fell for the sound of Jazz, and in 1964 he found his way to New Orleans' Preservation Hall.   Back then, musicians recalled, you could just walk into Preservation Hall, introduce yourself, sit in and maybe even play with old-time greats.  [via Times Picayune]

The New Orleans Jazz Fest is going on now.  It's much better than Mardi Gras, but somehow more people know about the latter.  Anyway, the 'Fest goes on for two weekends.  This weekend was the first weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and next weekend the Fest starts on Thursday and goes through Sunday.   The crowds have gotten pretty big, but if you want to go to a music festival that has great food, crafts, and music ....and great people, then this is the one. 

The great thing about New Orleans and the Jazz Fest is that you know all of your college friends that moved away will come back  to visit you at Jazz Fest (hey Dave, didn't you go to school here?).  The weather's great and the crawfish are in season.  This is what New Orleans is all about.  So what are you waiting for?  Comandeer a vehicle and get your butt down here...

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Blogging toward a web of trust & why we should fall down on our knees and worship librarians.

The past week has been interesting for me.  I've talked to, or traded emails with, several people who contacted me because of my weblog.  On Friday afternoon I got to talk to Sabrina Pacifici, a law librarian for a very large law firm who runs as a labor of love (on her own time).  It's a great site and I commend it to any lawyers out there.

Sabrina is a fascinating person, and so we had a lot to talk about.  Obviously, we talked about the law and how the Internet is changing it, and how many lawyers don't see the full force of the impending change (it's strange how cataclysmic change can sneak up on people, even smart ones with professional degrees).  As a librarian, Sabrina understands better than most that "information is power" and I suppose that is one of the siren songs of library science (for example, look at Jenny as someone who is driven to seek out and share information).  But what I find truly amazing, and heart-rending, is the passion that Sabrina and Jenny bring to their sites.  They know that information is power, but their goals aren't venal.  They seek to share their power and to help others profit from the power of knowledge. 

This blogging experience of mine (now almost 2 months' old) has taught me many things, but one thing stands out.  The online community is based on a model of trust, which is not much different than what happens in the real world.  We seek information from people we trust and, having obtained "trustworthy" information we share it with others.  The highest rank in this web of trust clearly belongs to the librarians.  They should be not only praised, but worshipped as well.

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