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Thursday, May 02, 2002

Is PHP a BigCo?

Chris Heschong picked up on the conversation between Jeremy Allaire and Dave Winer. In response to Dave's call that he wants MX to work with Radio, Chris says:

The fact is that it works pretty well with Radio. I can use Dreamweaver to manage all my content if I feel like it. I can have Fireworks MX create images automatically based on my navigatorLinks.xml file if I wanted to.

I have to agree with Chris on this. There are numerous ways that you can work with Radio and Macromedia MX products together. In fact, my page contains a simple example of integrating Radio with Macromedia Flash MX (notice the updated time in within the Flash movie at the top of the page). I will release a quick tutorial on this pretty soon.

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Custom Symbols in ListBox Components

Branden Hall has some info on customizing the List Box component with custom symbols.

FYI : We should have an article up soon at the Flash Application Developer center on how to customize / extend the List Box (and other selectable components).

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FlashForward 2002 NYC

The FlashForward website has been updated with information on FlashForward 2002 in New York City (July 10 - 12). It will be three days with an entire day of seminars, and two days of sessions (2 tracks).

The list of speakers is impressive as usual and includes Branden Hall, Nigel Pegg (he created all of the components included with Flash MX),  Andries Odendaal, Glenn Thomas, Phillip Torrone, Christian Cantrell, Eric Natzke and Fred Sharples. Jeremy Allaire and Kevin Lynch will be doing the key note.

I will be there doing a session on Flash Remoting.

Session that I am most looking forward to?  Star Wars in Flash: Developing for Playstation 2 Fred Sharples, Orange Design (note, Fred wrote a chapter on this topic in FlashEnabled).

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Branden is Blogging

Branden Hall, of FlashCoders / everything Flash ActionScript fame,  has set up a weblog over at, and has already made quite a few posts on his first day.

Among other things, he mentions that he has a book coming out soon (FlashEnabled) on creating Flash content for devices (note : i also worked on this book).

I am really excited about the number of quality Flash related weblogs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that have sprung up. They provide a way of quickly getting Flash information and news, without having to search through and clog up the mailing lists and forums. They have completely changed the way I participate in the Flash community (for the better). Thoughts?

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I am a back! Finally!

Well, after 24 hours, we are finally back up. Radio had some serious problems which knocked the site offline for a while, and then prevented me from updating it. I am looking for some alternative hosting solutions, so we may be moving soon.

Yesterday, Jeremy Allaire responded to some comments by Dave Winer. You can read Jeremy's response here.

Btw, we released a new Flash player yesterday, read about it here.

Update : Big thanks to Dave and crew for all of the work they put in to get things back up. Dave, one suggestion though if this happens again, forget  XML-RPC, you need duck tape.

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