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Friday, May 31, 2002

That's a lot of Flash Blogs!

I have updated the links on the right to list all of the flashblogs that i know of and use. If I left one out, let me know in the comments.

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Advanced Flash RSS Viewer

The Flash community has been getting pretty excited about Flash and RSS lately. The latest (and greatest?) is Phil Chung's RSS Flash News feed viewer. Wow, this is really nice, and makes it simple to scan a lot of information.

Here are my feature requests:

  • Once the XML is loaded, cache the data so if I click to another feed and come back it doesn't have to reload.
  • When viewing one feed, load in the others and cache them.
  • Have it check for new feeds every 15 minutes.
  • Have a section that will show the top two items from every feed.
  • Add mesh on mx (rss)!

Again, this is very nice, and is something that I could see myself using to keep up with all of the Flash weblogs.

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