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Friday, May 03, 2002

Subscribe to mesh on MX

I have added the abiltiy to allow users to subscribe to mesh on MX. Simply enter your email address in the form under the links on the right. Once a day you will receive an e-mail with a summary of the previous day's posts.

Since i sometimes use this to make announcements, its a good way to make sure you don't miss any Flash related news from Macromedia.

The subscription system is run (for free) by bloglet.

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Flash Enabled Device Pin-up countdown

Phillip Torrone is doing a Flash Enabled pin-up countdown. Each day he has a new pin-up of a device running Flash. (today is day 3, the first day was a 3com Audrey, and yesterday was a bunch of PocketPCs).

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Why MX?


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Windows may require reboot after Flash Player is installed

I have seen a couple of threads about users on Windows having to reboot after installing the Flash Player 6 in order for the player to be updated. This is not new to Flash 6, and is actually an issue with all ActiveX controls (and not specific to the Flash player).

To find our more information, we have a technote on the issue (notice the date on the technote). This issue is also covered in the:

Macromedia Flash Player Support FAQ


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New Flash Remoting Mailing List

Branden Hall and FigLeaf software have set up a new mailing list about Flash Remoting. Of course, Branden and FigLeaf also run the FlashCoders list, so chances are this new list will be a good resource.

More info here.

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Verdict Reached in Initial Adobe vs. Macromedia Case

Macromedia released a press release concerning the end of the first part of the Macromedia / Adobe lawsuit.

You can also find some interesting comments on the decision at slashdot.

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