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Thursday, May 09, 2002

Interview with Flash Team Product Managers

papaya nirvana posted a couple of questions on the forums for the Flash product team. I asked Jeremy Clark, and Troy Evans from the Flash team to answer them.

You can read the questions and responses here.

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Problems with left side eval in Flash MX

I am still seeing a lot of confusion over this issue, so i thought i would try to clarify. You can no longer use eval() on the left side of a statement.  However, this only applies when publishing as a Flash 6 or greater SWF. This change was made in to be more consistent with ECMA-262.

Couple of points:

  • As long as you are publishing as a Flash 5 movie, you can still use eval() on the left side, even if using Flash MX.
  • The Flash 6 player will correctly play Flash 5 files with eval() on the left side of a statement.
  • The only time this should be a problem, is if you have a Flash 5 movie with eval() on the left side, and try to publish it as a Flash 6 movie. You cannot do this.

Here are links to technotes that describe the issue:

As a general rule, you should use this["foo"] instead of eval("foo"), even when authoring for Flash 5.

Update [5/14/02] : The technote has been updated. You can read a summary of the changes in the post.

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Flash: Blogging Goes Corporate has an article up today discussing the Macromedia weblogs. Myself, Branden Hall, and Dave Winer are all quoted, and over all i think that it covers exactly why we are doing this. It allows us to communicate faster and more efficiently with our community.

It was John Dowdell who really drove the idea internally at Macromedia. Also, David Burrows' FlashBlog really helped me to realize how useful a tool the weblogs could be.

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