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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Tips from Flash Coders

Lots of good tips on the Flash Coders mailing list today:

  • Dave Yang shows how to define code hinting using the comments syntax.
  • Robbert Penner points out how to extract graphics from SWFs by printing them to the file system.
  • Sam Wan posts style settings to make Flash windowing components look like Windows.
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XML Contest Feed : Update

Just a quick note on the Macromedia XML Resource Feed contest. The contest is over, and we received some really cool entries. We will be posting the winners on the site early next week.

Watch the contest page for the results.

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Component Op-Eds

Couple of articles on components today:

Branden Hall rants (his words not mine) about the lack of understanding of the functionality and complexity of components.

David Doull discusses components and the advantages they offer to Flash developers

[via jdb and flazoom]

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Flash Enabled : Phone Dialer App source

Flash Enabled has released an app and its source FLA from the Flash Enabled : Flash Design and Development book. This one is a phone dialer app created by Christian Cantrell, that shows how to persist data in Flash on the Pocket PC using JSript.

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