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Monday, May 06, 2002

Flash Remoting for Java Developers has an article on the Macromedia MX launch. However, I am not posting because of the article, but because of the comments posted from the Java community to the article. A lot of the developers seem to be trying to undestand where Flash fits in within a client / server architecture, and whether or not Flash is capable of being an application front end.

Pay particular attention to the comments by Sean Neville (Macromedia engineer who works on Flash Remoting and Jrun). He gives some really good info on what exactly Flash Remoting is, and how Flash fits into a client / server architecture.

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Have a Flash Tip? Win an Imac

Woah, i completely forgot about this. We are having a contest to win a new Apple iMac computer. All you have to do to enter is submit a tip about a Macromedia product. The more tips you enter, the more chances you have to win.

Find more info here.

Note : apparently we haven't received too many tips yet, so if you submit some tips you have a decent shot of winning.


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Integrating Radio and Flash MX

I have put together a quick tutorial showing a simple technique of integrating Radio with Macromedia Flash MX.

You can read it here.

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Flash MX Components - Your feedback wanted!

Julie Thompson of Macromedia posted this message on flashcoders looking for the Flash community's feedback on the current and future Flash MX components.

If you have any suggestions for the components, now is the perfect time to be heard. You can email you suggestions directly to Julie.

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A Flash-forward look

Interesting article over at infoworld on Flash MX, ColdFusion MX, and Flash Remoting. There is some good information and analysis including Java platforms that ColdFusion MX will be available on, why the Flash player uses AMF and not SOAP to communicate with Flash Remoting, and the promise of Flash as a consumer of web services:

Pushing the envelope is a good thing. Internet standards follow pioneers who deliver code that works and does what people want. Web services that encapsulate business logic aren't exciting until applications make those services come alive for users. If Macromedia can transform Flash from a multimedia shell into a popular presentation layer for Internet-based business applications, the missing pieces of the Web-services puzzle -- identity management; security context; reliable messaging; and real-time, two-way data communication -- will come into focus more quickly.

[via FlashBlog]

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FlashBlog is Back

David Burrows of is back from vacation (and updating his site again).

I personally think that this is the single best resource for keeping up with what is going on in the Flash community, so if you haven't checked it out, make sure you bookmark it.

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