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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Macromedia Flash MX Top 5 Topics

I am not sure when this went live, but just noticed that we have a new technote that lists and describes the top 5 Flash MX topics. Topics include Shared Objects, Local Connection, Unicode support and FS Command exec issues.

These questions come up often within the community, so you might want to check them out and see if they address any problems you have been having.

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Flash Remoting Lookup Order

Here is the order in which Flash Remoting looks for server side code when a request is made from Flash MX to the server via Flash Remoting. Note that this order only applies when using ColdFusion MX:

  1. CF Template
  2. CF Component
  3. ServerSide ActionScript
  4. JavaBean (stateful)
  5. Java Class (no state and no pool, new instance on every request)
  6. EJB (EJBHome and EJBObject)
  7. JMX MBean
  8. Web Service

I will post the order for other server when they become available.

[thanks sean neville]

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