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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Flash ActionScript RSS Parser

Sam Wan has created an ActionScript class that parses RSS XML feeds and makes them available as an ActionScript data object. This is one of the first steps for the Flash interface to Moveable type that he is putting together (of course, since it is RSS based, it should also work with Radio).

This is similar to the FResourceFeed Class that I created to parse the Macromedia XML Resource feed, except that Sam's will work with a LOT more data feeds.

[via jdb and FlashCoders]

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Flash at the Pocket PC Summit

I will be speaking at the Pocket PC Summit on Wednesday about the Macromedia Flash Player for the Pocket PC.

I will probably show a lot of content and applications, as well as dive into Flash to show how simple it can be to use.

Lots of Flash at the conference, as Phillip Torrone is also giving a keynote.

If you are attending, and want to see anything specific, post it in the comments.

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I work for Macromedia

In case the statement at the top of the site that states that i am the Macromedia Flash Community Manager is not clear.

I am an employee of Macromedia.

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