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  Sunday, September 29, 2002

Free the Mouse!

Walt Disney made million$ making animated films based on public-domain stories: Cinderella, Snow White, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, and others. Now his successors pay Congress to extend copyright so that Mickey Mouse will never enter the public domain, ever.

Eric Eldred doesn't think that's right, and neither does Larry Lessig, so they're taking the matter to the Supreme Court in just a few days: Eldred vs. Ashcroft will attempt to reverse the Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act. Business Week has an article on the suit, as do others linked from Doc's post on the subject.

Eldred will happily take donations to the cause:

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Jennifer writes

Jennifer Schulz Medlock, Libertarian candidate for the North Carolina legislature, sent me a hand-written thank you note in response to my contribution/order for the 2003 NC Ladies of Liberty Calendar:

Dear Frederick Sampson:

Thank you so much for your 2003 NC Ladies of Liberty Calendar order and donation! Your support is helping a real winnable Libertarian campaign for NC House!

The printers are slower than expected, but I will mail it [the calendar] ASAP! We will get them mid-late Oct.

Thanks again, Jennifer Medlock

When was the last time you received a personal thank-you from your candidate?

Jennifer is one of three known political candidates blogging in this election season, along with Jim Capo (NC Senate) and Tara Sue Grubb (U.S. House of Representatives).

Tara has succesfully turned up the heat on Howard Coble, co-sponsor of the peer-to-peer hacking act, who said about last week's hearing: "I've never received such notoriety from a bill that I did not introduce."

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