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  Sunday, August 1, 2004

Apple Co-Founder Jobs Has Cancer Surgery (AP). AP - Steve Jobs, Apple Computer Inc.'s charismatic co-founder and chief executive, said Sunday he had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his pancreas. [Yahoo! News - Technology - Apple/Macintosh]

Jobs says he had the operable, not-fatal-if-caught-early pancreatic cancer, as opposed to the non-operable, always-fatal and more-common version, which is what my Aunt Dot has. Dot is fading quickly, under the care of her large family. It was in part through the good graces of this remarkable woman that Diane and I survived our first years of being parents of twins twice, by offering to watch the kids while we skipped out for an hour or two of dinner by ourselves. Most recently was Valentine's Day, when she insisted we go out. Only a few days later she was in the hospital. My memories of Dot say that she was always helping someone with their kids, and we shall be forever grateful for her help.

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