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  Monday, August 16, 2004

Jenny's moving to Florida for a job. At least she waited until after Charley hit. I wish her best of luck. Moving for a job would make me very nervous, unless I really wanted to live where I was moving to--Florida would qualify.

Onward and Upward. Some time ago, I decided there were better places where I could be practicing the dubious craft of tech writing,... [the creative tech writer]

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Lou provides some IA perspective on achieving balance in our career skill sets, which complements me usual "expanding horizons" spiel:

Over on urlgreyhot, Michael Angeles blogs "How to apply for IA jobs". Extremely useful posting for those in a position to hire, as well as those looking for work.

Also reminds me of another benefit to the good old three-circle IA Venn diagram: whether you're trying to get an IA education, hiring an IA, or building an IA team, my advice is to strive for balance among these three circles. (Jess McMullin and I created a more complex but also more explanatory version of this diagram here.)

Balance in disciplinary background, whether academic or self-taught, means complementing your "major" in one of the three circles (e.g., users, as in an HCI degree) with minors in the other two (e.g., content--say journalism--and context--such as organizational psychology). Same balanced approach makes sense in choosing which methods to be proficient in as well.

I've blogged this before, so I'll just point you there.

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