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  Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Proving again what a fun guy he is, Jared "LL Spool J" Spool commissioned the OK/Cancel guys to put together a comic strip to help promote his UI conference:

Features: OK/Cancel Presents: UIE's UI9. We've prepared an extended comic strip for the User Interface 9 Conference run by Jared Spool's User Interface Engineering. The comic is being released in four segments for your online consumption. In addition, it will be on the UI9 posters. This project was a lot of fun for both Tom and I. If your company has an idea for a similar project in the future, let us know. In the meantime, go check out the first instalment of LL Spool J and the Quest for UI9.... [OK/Cancel]

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She's everywhere: Dell, Gateway, Visa, Brown. . . even the Inquirer has licensed her image. What I want to know: is she really a student? Dell_girl.jpg
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