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  Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I see in the current issue of Time that Gypsy Boots left us last week after 89 years. Time says he "used his zealous eccentricity to push a philosophy of Spartan living, exercise, and a positive attitude." I remember seeing him in video of Groucho's "You Bet Your Life" show, in which he was still marginally sane. And I saw him at a stadium concert in about 1970 (The Who, Anaheim Stadium), running through the crowd naked, proclaiming love to and for all. Gypsy was a genuine happy, harmless wacko, a California original. I wish him well.

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Lou provides some handy-dandy heuristic evaluation criteria for looking at web sites:

Information Architecture Heuristics. Just finished a brief heuristic evaluation of a client site, basing part of my feedback on a set of questions that I find quite useful for just about every IA-related project. Every information architect should always have a set of favorite questions in their back pocket; they really do come in handy. I categorize mine into groups that correspond to the five areas that a user is most likely to interact with a siteís information architecture: Main page, Search interface, Search results, Site-wide navigation, Contextual navigation. This approach works for me because it underemphasizes the main page, which all too often garners way too much attention at the expense of the other areas. ... [Bloug]

Thanks, Lou!

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IDblog: Dilbert does design. Check out today's Dilbert. Looks to be a funny week, as yesterday's struck a funny chord too.

So, do we think that Dogbert is deliberately misreading Don Norman's Emotional Design?

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