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Saturday, August 31, 2002


Blogging has been light because deadlines have been heavy. I'll be working all weekend to finish a draft of a 5,000 word story for my paying job...plus I have to write a column for next Sunday's 9/11 section of the N&R. I don't want to write the 9/11 piece. I have nothing fresh to say, the only stuff I know that everyone else doesn't is personal, and over the last year I've written about my dead friends Calvin Gooding and Doug Gardner and the strength of their widows, my wife's heroic cousin Quentin and his job as a cop on the scene, my complex relationship with Cantor CEO Howard Lutnick (the N&R has rotted many of the links, but still...) What more can I add to next week's surfeit of anniversary coverage?


Song of the day: the elegiac Mission in the Rain, which matches my mood but also links to the most excellent spate of rain we are having here at drought central.


The Web at work: I blog that our fish, Jerry, has died. My cousin Barbara reads this and calls to say she got a fish as a gift and is now trying to find it a permanent home. Syd named it Rasberry (sic).

Meat Puppets Rule

There are useful critiques of the Tara Grubb "weblog candidacy" out there, and there is tail-chasing Web weenieism on the same subject, but a lot of folks seem to be missing the point that she is a real person, not a meme or an ad campaign, that what she does here in North Carolina in terms of organizing and running a political campaign will be the real test, that this will happen in human time not Internet time, and that this tough and bright young woman is using the Web, not being used by it. I write about her in tomorrow's N&R.

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